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Nuna 11s car reveal presentation


We are always very excited to share our story and inspire others. During the year we partake in many events, to share our experience in solar racing. We are eager to share our story about our successes, obstacles and the immersive motivation our team with which we inspire companies and other teams.

Nuna at your event

Are you looking for a unique addition for your event? We can help you achieve this by sharing our stories and experiences. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. Together we can find a solution for every event and make it one to remember!

Nuna 11 at event

Types of events

Technical manager Lars presenting the route of the Sasol Solar Challenge


In the more than two decades of solar racing experience under our belt, we've encountered almost all possible challenges and setbacks. Invite the Brunel Solar Team to give a presentation, and learn about the mind-set, perseverance and commitment that's needed to bring home the world cup seven times!

Nuna X at an event

Static event

Take your event to the next level by bringing a pinnacle of sustainability and engineering to the stage. One of our prizewinning solar cars can now be the eye catcher of your event! Accompanied by our team members who are eager to answer all your questions, Nuna will make your event one to remember.

Nuna Phoenix at the schooltour


During our school tour we visit middle and high schools all over the country to teach the children about the possibilities of renewable energy. We aim to not only inspire the current generation, but make sure to leave an impact on the engineers of the future!

A presentation with Nuna in the foreground, at the Dream Career Day

Dream Career Day

By joining forces with the Forze Hydrogen Racing team, the Brunel Solar team will host one of Delft's biggest career events of the year. Here, students can follow cases and listen to presentations of many technological driven companies. Where the goal of the Dream Career Day is to act as the bridge between aspiring students and pioneering companies.

Join us for the Dream Career Day
The carreveal of Nuna X


The result of 400 days, 18 students, long nights, and an internal drive to win will be shared during our car reveal. All our innovations and advancements with whom we aim to take the trophy to Delft will be revealed here. This will be the first time to look at our newest car; Nuna 12!

Watch car reveal Nuna 11s


Nuna Phoenix at the Dream Career Day
Nuna 8s at an event with partner V.O.
The Major of Zwolle opens the production phase of Nuna 11
A case from Brunel at the Dream Career Day
Carreveal of Nuna 11 with smoke and lights
Nuna 11s at the podium of the carreveal with people watching
Nuna Phoenix at an outside event
The team talking with people on the Dream Career Day
Interview during the schooltour
Laurens and Aster presenting on stage