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The drivers


Each year we aim to build the most efficient solar car to date, filled to the brim with the newest technological innovations resea rch has to offer. We try to show the capabilities of solar energy by partaking in one of the most difficult challenges in the world; a 3000-kilometer race through the scorching desert of Australia, driven only by the power of the sun.


We cannot do this alone. Each year we are aided by the best partners that help us with their expertise, knowledge, materials, financial support and enthusiasm. This is proven by our record as one of the most successful solar racing teams in the world. With our partners we work together in their respective fields in order to build the best possible solar car. Each of them excels in either sustainability or innovation but many in both. Together we can make a difference and push the limits of solar power!

Demi and Xavier thanking the partners during the carreveal

Partner Collaborations

Over the years we have had the chance to work together with amazing partners and create beautiful memories.

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Join the Nuna family

The Brunel Solar Team would not exist without our partners. Do you wish to join our mission for a sustainable future? Feel free to contact us, and we would love to tell you more about our project and the possibilities of working together!

The Brunel logo being placed on Nuna
Nuna Phoenix in front of a Gamma store
Bitvavo at the Dream Career Day
Nuna going in the KLM cargo plane
Main partner

Passion for challenging technical projects.

Just like Brunel, we are passionate about sustainable energy and collaborating on challenging projects. We are enthusiastic to be the Brunel Solar Team and see it as an amazing new step on the way to even more victories.

Diamond partner

Build your sustainable future

With a shared passion for engineering, Gamma supports our sustainable mission as they strive for corporate social responsibility. “You can always do more than you think!” is one-liner by Gamma and this is a mindset we as a team strive for every day.

Diamond partner

Investing with impact

Ingka invests with impact, generating lasting financial returns while demonstrating positive impact for our customers and the environment. Together we invest for the generations to come, creating a better everyday life for the many.

Diamond partner

Embracing innovation together

With our roots in Delft, TOPdesk feels deeply connected to the Solar Team's purpose. We both believe in embracing constant innovation by working together, and empowering others to do the work they love best.

Diamond partner

Nuna’s lightweight body

We would not be able to build Nuna without our production partner. AOC knows how to assist us with Nuna's carbon fibre parts like no other. Thanks to their custom-made high-tech materials, the body of our solar car Nuna is the lightest ever.

Gold partner

Intelligent solutions

Making operations more efficient, flexible and predictable by integrating AI and deep learning. Together with Prime Vision’s hands-on help, we build an even better and smarter Nuna 12.

Gold partner

Trusted global Innovator

By contributing to society through their business, NTT Data aims to continuously increase their corporate value and create a future society together with their customers.

Gold partner

Computing power

A combination of team decisions and computing power of the very best computer gives Nuna it’s fast and often winning shape. HP supports us with their most powerful PCs, this enables us to calculate the fastest shape of Nuna using advanced software.

Gold partner

Building the future

At Bitvavo, tradition and innovation go hand in hand. We learn from the past and look towards the future. This approach allows us to break new ground all while ensuring the security, stability, and reliability.

Silver partners
Bronze partners