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Building a high-performance solar team with Deloitte and Marc Lammers

Press release
Steven Mitchell Tan

As our team moves closer to strict deadlines and difficult decisions, teamwork is getting more and more crucial. Especially these days, when there is no spontaneous coffee-machine-talk, there is less room to express feelings. However, with good guidance from Deloitte and our team coach Marc Lammers, the team will learn to benefit from each other’s differences. Understanding the technical aspects of a solar car can be challenging, but what may be even more challenging is understanding each other.

Before the session, every team member filled in a questionnaire about their preferences in specific situations. It resulted in an eye-opening report which provided a description of the personality type. This helped us to understand ourselves better.

Next to understanding ourselves, it is also essential to understand each other. Seeing contrast in different work approaches and preferences helped us to be able to place ourselves in someone else’s shoes. A Pioneer in our team likes to look for uncommonly innovative solar car concepts while a Guardian prefers to build on proven and reliable concepts. It is clear that we need both perspectives to make Nuna11 a winning solar car.

At last, we learned to combine those perspectives by adapting our styles. The Drivers in our team need to learn how to sometimes take a step back to give space to Integrators, while Integrators should understand the competitiveness of the Drivers. Our team coach Marc Lammers also trains us on this part of teamwork.

Putting all these lessons together gives us the skills to perform as an A-team in the top tier of solar racing. Click the button below to learn more about Deloitte’s Business Chemistry.