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Monthly Update: January

Press release
Valerie Klemann
Nuna 12s

Monthly Update: January

Welcome to the Brunel Solar Team's lively page, where innovation and solar energy come together and where we give you a monthly update on our project!

We are the sparkling Nuna 12s team, which has enthusiastically taken over from Nuna 12 since September. After an exciting race in Australia, we took the helm and are now fully engaged in enriching the legacy of the Brunel Solar Team.

Having reached January, we can proudly say that everyone is well settled in. After extensive brainstorming sessions and thorough (literature) research, we have made our project choices. These innovative projects are ready to be implemented in our beloved Nuna, which will hopefully return safely to our workshop by the end of this month.

Read a compelling update from our team leader Cato Kral below:

"Before we started this amazing project, no one knew each other. It was quite exciting to think that we would work together as one team for a year. In September, we went on a team weekend together to get to know each other well in a short time. Despite the diverse study backgrounds and personalities in our team, we have now become a close-knit unit where we know each other's strengths. Every discipline has worked hard and we have wonderful projects on the table.

As one team, one vision, we strive to create not just a solar car, but a symbol of progress and sustainability. I am proud of the path we will walk together. Our journey goes beyond the kilometres we cover; it is a journey of joint effort, perseverance and sustainable innovation. Right now, we are diving into the details to further explore and develop these projects. I can't wait to keep you updated on our progress. Stay tuned!"

Find out more about our adventures and stay tuned to our progress. Together, we are shining the sun on the future of sustainable mobility!

Nuna 12s in Friesland